Solve over 200 Challenges

Solve over 200 Challenges

Games Made Real

Unlike escape rooms where you’re time bound to solve just one challenge, Jumble offers

teams with a wide selection of challenges in the session. Behind each door lies 4-6 rooms with unexpected, never seen before challenges that you and your team have to solve using your mental and physical skills. If you change your mind and want to try something some other room, you can choose to do so with ease. No restrictions, just real people, real challenges and real adventure.

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    Anybody can solve the Challenges

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    Freedom to choose any challenge you like

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    Play as long As you pay for

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    Boost your session time in store

Physically energizing

Fitness shouldn’t feel like a chore, it should be extremely fun. At Jumble the physical challenges are super energizing. The secret to solving some of the physical challenges is not high stamina but great team work and pro activeness. It’s all about challenging yourself to the ultimate test. If you’re not into the whole fitness trend, you can choose to go the brain game way. Although not compulsory, it is recommended to wear kneepads as some of the challenges include crawling and climbing. You can purchase your very own in store.

Mentally Stimulating

Jumble is not the usual brain game that you solve but is so much more. The mental challenges at Jumble require team work to devise strategies, keen observation on surrounding to gain clues and connecting the dots to find the solution. If you can’t figure out the answer to move onto the next room, you can rely on trial and error to try your luck. Hint: Ask our Ninjas for help in case your team needs it, and for all you know they might just give you an answer you’ve been looking for.

Extremely Crazy & Fun

Can you imagine making your way through tunnels, calling the fire-station to get out, meeting with zombies all in one session? Crazy as it sounds, it's even crazier in reality. Every challenge is so different from the other that you have to expect the unexpected. Even if you think you've done it all, there so much more to try. We warn you about unusual shrieks not from the zombie room, but from players just having the best time of their lives.