Ultimate Indoor Adventure


Mentally Stimulating


Physically Energising


Ultimate Indoor Adventure


Mentally Stimulating


Physically Energising


Bye Bye Escape rooms
Say hello to the Ultimate Indoor Adventure Park!

A first of its kind ever, in the UAE, Jumble brings a unique type of adventure to the shores of Dubai. It’s an indoor adventure that is so unbelievable when experienced, but also so real at the same time. Everyone’s so familiar with escape rooms in Dubai, that people perceive Jumble to be the same. It’s nothing like you ever imagined. continue reading...

In fact, it has reinvented escape rooms and brought a whole new dimension to what true adventure feels like. Using every bit of your mental and physical skills, Jumble has 16 exhilarating jumbles and each jumble has 2-6 challenging rooms that you and your team have to solve.

Some are physical energizing, some mentally stimulating but all are crazy fun. Completing the first challenge means moving onto the next, failure means starting over or just selecting another one. You and your team have the absolute choice to choose which jumble you like and in any order you like. These challenges can make you crawl through tunnels, call the fire-station, climb monkey bars, fight zombies, do the chicken dance and more. You never know what you’re in for until you’ve experienced it.

There’s no peeking at the next challenge until you’ve successfully completed the preceding challenge. It’s a team experience that is unique, unconventional and completely quirky. Expect hours of crazy moments that will boggle your mind, test your physical skills and create memories to last a lifetime.

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Fun Fact: Teams play on an average 3 hours a day

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How to play

  • 01

    Book your team adventure. Min 3-6 players in a team.

  • 02

    Arrive 15 mins in advance wearing comfortable clothes and trainers.

  • 03

    Receive RFID wristbands for registration and to play.

  • 04

    Get briefed on how to solve Jumbles by our professionals.

  • 05

    Access 16 Jumbles and solve them in any order you like. Each Jumble has 2-6 rooms.

  • 06

    Check scoreboard in the end. Each completed Jumble earns you a medal on the scoreboard.

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Who can play

  • Players 10+ yrs

    Players 10 and 11 years old should be accompanied by an adult.

  • Family/Friends

    Create special memories with your loved ones with true adventure and fun.

  • Corporates

    Strengthen team relationships and encourage healthy competition

  • Schools

    Take school trips to next level with your teachers and school buddies

  • Birthdays

    Make your special day the talk of the town with a Jumble themed birthday.

  • Tourists

    Experience the most unique and fun thing to do in Dubai on a holiday.


More the merrier! Jumble can accommodate 200 or more players at the same time! If you have a large office team building or school field trip or if you just want to throw an epic birthday party, take a look at our amazing group options.

School Trips

10 years+
Private Hall
F & B

School trips are never boring at Jumble. Making sure there’s a mix of fun, learning and challenge our school trips brings edutainment to life beyond the classroom.

Corporate Team Building

Min 15
Private Hall
F & B

Jumble is undoubtedly the best team building venue in Dubai. Its the perfect way to enjoy a unique team activity with your colleagues. It creates healthy competition and encourages teamwork in a fun environment.

Birthday Parties

Min 10
Private Hall
F & B

Jumble birthday parties are stacked with crazy challenges, an epic party room and delicious food from French Bakery. We will ensure that you and your guests are having the best birthday ever.

We can't give too much away but here are some hints from our Jumblers 😉

"An amazing thrilled experience, once we all should try....🤩"
Sahar Affendy
A very unique experience, and great for going as a group!
Yash Bhatia
Amazing experience. We enjoyed a lot. Our girls gang had great fun and on top of all, the staff members are so helpful and cooperative. Highly recommended
Jumana Tariwala
Super fun with tons of physical & mental activities An absolutely delight. Fab thought process has gone into this place. Many cluster of rooms to pick from, lots of mysteries to solve, time bound so you got to think & act quick.Your 2 hours will fly and you still wont have enough.
"Great place to be, all are team building exercises where you need to work as a team, observe and solve the jumbles. had great fun and a learning experience."
Nikhhil A
" Highly recommended venue for individuals seeking indoor adventure with very accommodating staff. Thanks CK!! "
Myra Llovia
“ On behalf of my team who have enjoyed JUMBLE yesterday, would like to thank you and provide our feedback. The team has really enjoyed so much and would love to come back again in the near future. We had an amazing experience and lots of fun and would recommend JUMBLE to the other teams in our organisation. "
Hebah Ghaleb Yousef Lutfi
“ Just taking time out to say thank you to your team at Jumble. We were blown away by the level of professionalism, organization and general hospitality shown by the team. I conveyed our thanks to your manager about how pleased we were. The staff and students all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the refreshments were excellent quality and plentiful. Thank you so much for hosting a fantastic and memorable day for our group. I am very certain that many of us will be returning again! “
Rujina Madaser 
" We’ve had an amazing day out with the team at Jumble. It was great fun to fo through challenges with colleagues and I really feel that we bonded over the experience! Everyone was able to bring their strengths to the table, as some rooms require more physical energy, while others are more focused on strategy or puzzling pieces together. "
Foram Tolia, Al Tayer

We love our Jumblers for the thousands of reviews on Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook, Instagram and constant emails.
Thank you for all the ❤️

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French Bakery

Refuel at French Bakery at Jumble

Refueling your appetite before and your after your Jumble session is highly recommended. With French Bakery located inside Jumble, grabbing a coffee or snack when you feel like is super easy and convenient. Dine in option makes this place great to share stories or just hang out. French bakery has upgraded their menu to give you the best selection of food & beverages. Have a look!

French Bakery
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