What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a perfect combination of problem-solving, teamwork, fantastic storytelling, and mind-blowing mysteries. It's a chamber guided by clues that force you to think outside the box.

As the ideal option for large groups of friends, a family, or co-workers, escape room games in Dubai are gaining steam as the new hangout place. Let's see why that is.

What Is an Escape Room?

The escape room is a carefully designed puzzle in a room. Your team is placed in a themed room and given sixty minutes to solve a mystery. It's time for you to use all that saved up energy and discover your inner Sherlock Holmes.

The motive of any escape room in Dubai has to offer is simple: get out of the themed room in the fixed time using the clues around you. The game-guide will provide the first clue, and then you use the props and tools in the room to find the next clue. This scavenger-hunt will get you closer to the way out, one step at a time.

The clues are hidden across the room, so factor in the time to skim through every plausible option. Look under the furniture, behind the wall art, below the rug, inside the shelves, or anything that looks out of the ordinary. The clues could be anywhere.

If you cannot conclude the mysteries of the room, don't worry. Once your clock runs out, the doors swing open, and the room-guide will let you out. At Jumble, you are not stuck in the room either; if at any time you feel like leaving or changing the game, you are welcome to step out.

Each room has a unique mystery, so you can enjoy a new escape game each time you visit.

The Benefits of an Escape Room

Based on research by MarketWatch Statistics, there has been a constant rise in escape rooms in every country each year from 2010. Here are some reasons why escape games are growing in popularity:

Team Building 101: There is no better way to encourage teamwork and collaborative communication than solving a puzzle to a ticking clock.

Stimulates the Mind: In a world flooded with phone screens and tepid social media feeds, getting out and applying your mind is an excellent mental exercise.

Completely Safe: Escape rooms like Jumble ensure sanitized surfaces and all compliance with safety norms directed by the Dubai Municipality.

Deciphering hints and fighting challenges together is what makes escape rooms such a fun outing. And with many varieties of escape room games in Dubai, you can pick the mystery that makes you bounce with excitement and perfectly meets your thrill expectations.

Who Is the Escape Room for?

The escape rooms in Dubai need teamwork, coordination, speed, creative thinking, and a ton of patience. One person alone cannot make it out of the room; these strategies need all the minds to work in harmony. So if you are looking to build team morale or beat the blues with your friends, an escape room like Jumble is the one for you.  

If you are a younger group, you are statistically more likely to enjoy the escape room any day. At Jumble, anyone over the age of 10 can play, as long as 10 to 12-year-olds are supervised.

Don't worry if you've never experienced an escape room in Dubai before. Once you enter the studio, an introduction video explains each room and your purpose there. 

Final Thoughts

The best escape room Dubai has to offer is Jumble. With over 16 Jumbles and compliance with COVID-19 safety rules, the ultimate escape room in Dubai allows you to put your mind at ease and enjoy the excitement of searching for clues.

Wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and take the whole group out for some fun at Jumble—a perfect workout for your mind with a unique spin.