Escape Games

Escape Games: Here's What You Need to Know

Escape games, also known as escape rooms, are currently trending in Dubai. These Escape games in Dubai offer hours of entertainment and keep you and your buddies constantly on your toes, hacking your brains to solve puzzles and emerge victorious.

Thousands of fun-loving youngsters like you have already discovered the joy and excitement of escape games and are having the time of their lives. When are you joining them?

What Exactly Is An Escape Game? 

Escape games are fun, interactive, and challenging "real life" games inspired by "escape-the-room"–style video games. Also known as Room Escape, Exit Game, and Live Escape, these games are perfect for a group of youngsters looking to bounce and play. 

An escape game consists of various puzzles and challenges that a team of players must solve to unlock new levels in the game. These tasks are set in one or more rooms. 

The goal of an escape game is to solve all the puzzles within a stipulated time and escape from the site. Once you enter an escape room with your team, the countdown begins, and there is no way out unless you finish all the tasks! 

However, no need to worry if you can't complete the tasks--your guide will "unlock" the room and let you out once your time is up. 

First introduced by the Japanese company SCRAP in 2007, the concept has now spread worldwide and is especially popular in North America, Europe, and East Asia. As of today, there are around 60,000 escape rooms across the world!

Why Should You Visit an Escape Game Room ASAP?

If the idea of playing a new escape game with your family and friends is not enough to convince you, here are a few other reasons!

• No matter your age, you need to possess problem-solving skills to excel. Escape games can help you hone these necessary skills.

• About 75% of employers rate teamwork as "very important." Participating in escape rooms as teams and collaborating helps in building team spirit.

• Engaging in escape rooms helps students build better time management skills in a fun way. According to a recent study, 87% of students could achieve better grades with better time management skills.

• More than 80% of adults do not meet the guidelines for daily physical activity. Engaging in escape games in Dubai gives you 30 minutes of moderate physical activity and helps you stay fit.

• For those with busy schedules that can't spend quality time with their loved ones, escape games are a good option as they allow you to participate in teams and reconnect with friends and family.

• Around 53% of adults report feeling good about themselves after exercising, and 30% say they feel less stressed. By providing you with moderate physical activity, escape rooms allow you to enjoy these benefits!

• Escape rooms can improve your communication and social skills. A shocking study reveals that 69% of managers are not comfortable communicating with the employees. This is one reason why booking a corporate session at Jumble is likely to help employees improve their communication skills.

• Regularly participating in escape room games in Dubai not only gives you a moderate physical workout, but it also keeps your memory sharp.

Why Choose Jumble?

As one of the biggest escape rooms in Dubai, Jumble can accommodate 200 or more players at once. It offers 16 unique Jumbles, each of which is guaranteed to give you the thrill of a lifetime! 

Jumble can host birthday parties for teenagers, major corporate events, or field trips for students. The indoor adventure park offers a wide selection of challenges (over 200!) and a scintillating combination of physical activities and riddles to test your mental prowess. 

What's more, once you have participated in the challenges to your heart's desire, you can head off straight to the awesome in-house French Bakery to refuel yourself with delicious food! 

In the wake of COVID-19, one major factor you should consider while choosing an escape room in Dubai is safety.

Constantly evolving to meet its clients' needs, Jumble has implemented enhanced safety measures to ensure that you have loads of fun without worrying about contracting germs. 

Time to Energize Yourself!

This summer, say no to tepid hangouts with family and friends at the mall. Instead, try out some fun and exciting escape games to spice up your weekends!

For the ultimate escape game in Dubai, visit Jumble today!