Indoor Adventure Park in Dubai

Everything you need to know about Jumble, UAE's first Indoor Adventure Park in Dubai

2014 saw the grand opening of escape rooms in the UAE, which brought a new type of adventure and fun. Challenging us who love delving into brainteasers and crossword puzzles, it was an exciting opportunity to test our skills and mental capacity. In 2017, Jumble, a 3,500 square mil indoor adventure park in Dubai open it’s doors and has been bringing reality to gaming since then

Jumble, the world's first indoor urban maze will light up your adventure's spirit. You have to play with a team and each team will have to test their skills to solve challenges at Jumble.

Indoor Adventure Park in Dubai: Games Info and Age Limit

There are several rooms portraying different challenges and additionally, numerous physical obstacles and mental challenges to overcome as a team of three to six people. Jumble allows any player above 10 years and above to play. However, any player of 10 years and 11 years needs to be accompanied by an adult. Moreover, since challenges may be physically demanding, pregnant women are requested to sit this one out.

Once one challenge is completed, the team goes on to the next room, which contains a different challenge, clues, and obstacles. The overlay continues, and in addition, these puzzles are time-sensitive. Therefore, you'll have to work fast and smart. Failure to complete will see your team go, as opposed to escape rooms where you had to solve a challenge to get escape.

Have Teamwork Fun at Jumble, Dubai

As mentioned earlier, since you’ll be participating in indoor games, it is best if you wore sports and training footwear as well as comfortable track pants. In addition, the key indoor games are made realistic enough with a wide range of challenges to choose from. Physical challenges are energizing, and most are solved by merely teamwork and pro-activeness. Therefore it also tests your teamwork capabilities and versatility to adapt and overcome certain scenarios. Moreover, the mentally stimulating challenges can only work with finding clues and connecting the dots, all of which require teamwork. Rely on trial and errors to find solutions to these puzzles.

Lastly, don’t forget to have crazy fun throughout the stages. Considering every challenge is unique, it is wise to expect the unexpected.

Will I Get Lost?

Rest assured that you won't get lost inside the indoor park as there exit doors to each room and the helpful staff will guide you. In addition to it, as you enter the theme park, you are given special RFID wristbands that contain all your information and acts as a key to provide access to all the rooms and to your private team locker. Are you ready to Jumble?